Protection aganist Corrosion
TCE - Fluid 435 TCE - Fluid 360
Corrosion Protection for injection moulding tools conserves – maintains - protects
High-performance anti-rust protection
  • extremely thin protecting 
  • temporary transparent, silicon-free surface protection
  • execellent protection aganist corrosion and oxidation for pure metal surface  
  • no cleaning before start up  
  • can be remored with 2-3 shots from cavity without sediment
  • highly effective multi-functional anti-rust protection fluid for long term
  • conservation of shiny metal surfaces
  • protects under most difficult circumstances
  • develops a transparent, oily, non-draining protective film
  • salt spray test: 340h at 40 mµ
  • dispatch protection of packed/unpacked forms and tools for over sea’s dispatch
  • clean and degrease forms with universal cleaner TCE-Fluid 010 remove plastic remains with TCE-Fluid 015
Original packets:
500 ml Spray can
Original packets:
12x400 ml Spray cans