TCE - Grease 800 TCE - Grease 810
Special grease for injection moulding tools
Special grease for injection moulding tools
  • for the processing of High-Tec plastics
  • temperature stable up to more than + 280°C
  • for the long-term lubrication of thermally stressed mould-inserts, ejectors, slides etc.
  • high number of shots without reapplication
  • no pollution on moulded parts
  • reduces abrasion, increases productive capacity,
  • resistant to aggressive substances dunning cycles of injection
  • use TCE-Grease 800 only on degreased clean surface, only then optimally adhesion and long-term lubrication can be guaranteed
    clean and degrease with universal cleaner TCE-Fluid 010, remove plastics sediment with TCE-Clean 015
  • for the processing of standard plastics
  • temperature stable > + 150°C
  • long-time lubrication of ejectors, pressure plates, mould-inserts, slides, spindle-guide ways and elevating-spindles
  • lay on thin and evenly on cleaned surface
  • clean and degrease forms with the universal-cleaner TCE-Fluid 010
    remove plastics sediment with
    TCE-clean 015
Original packets:
200 gram-grease dispenser
250 gram-can
Original packets:
500 gram-can
12 x 180  gram-grease-Dispenser